Why Get a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Does getting a pre-listing home inspection help home sellers reach their real estate goals?

My selling partner, Michael Veltri does recommend pre-listing inspections. He’s found that they help out later in the selling process, during the buyer’s home inspection. A pre-listing inspection can spot and address many of the items that would only be examined during the buyer’s inspection.

When a buyer has an inspection done, they sometimes blow minor things way out of proportion. In their eyes, minor repairs can become huge, glaring flaws that cause them to second-guess their purchase or make wild demands of the seller.

However, if you have a home inspection done before buyers even view your home, you can assess minor repairs and have them fixed early. Pre-listing inspections can help save you money—buyers won’t fixate on small issues or be tempted to ask you for a credit at closing.

Michael also recommends home sellers share the results of the pre-listing inspection with the buyer upfront. Even if you had to address a major issue with the home during your early inspection, it’s better to be forthcoming about that information. Informing them that the issues you spotted were corrected by licensed professionals may make them more comfortable pursuing your property all the way to the closing table, potentially positioning you to sell your home quicker and for more money.

If you have any questions about pre-listing inspections or selling your home in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be glad to help you.

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